Lawyer Up


This peer level, group style training is just the investment that you need to make in yourself. Spend 12 weeks meeting with like-minded associates who are all going through similar things in their career as you:

  • You’re a 3-5 year associate

  • You are trying to make partner

  • You need a support system outside of your office

  • You are hitting barriers that are hindering your success

  • You want to be a mentor, but don’t know how to lead 

If ANY of those apply to you, then you’re in the right place. The program provides attorneys with foundational skills necessary to thrive in their legal careers. 

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Your Style: Become aware of your behavioral style and strengths to communicate more effectively.

  • Managing Your Mindset : Learn how to manage negative thoughts and shift from pessimism to optimism.

  • Becoming an Efficient, Proactive Communicator: Become more efficient and communicate more clearly with clients and colleagues.

  • Relationship Building: Maximizing Your Strengths and Authentic Style: Identify the relationships you want to maximize and learn how to use your strengths to do so.

  • Leading While Following:- Learn how to move towards a transformational, collaborative leadership style in your relations with mentors and others

  • Maximizing Your Practice: Mastery, Meaning and Purpose: Learn how to work towards mastery vs. achievement and the importance of developing a growth mindset throughout your career.

Date: April 2022

Location: Zoom

Cost: $1200

Your new journey is just a click away.

It’s time to let go of “business as usual” and start your journey to becoming the lawyer you want to be without sacrificing your well-being. Reach out and let’s get you started on this journey today.

    Thank You.

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