If you’ve waited until now to tackle your yearly Ethics CLE, don’t worry!

There is no need to sit through another boring, pre-recorded webinar.

Join me as we tackle the #1 ethics complaint against lawyers.


You will learn 5 critical skills to help you navigate difficult conversations in your legal practice…

(and your family gathering over the holiday)

In this CLE, you will learn:

  • How mastering difficult conversations helps you become a more confident, competent lawyer.
  • Ways to decipher when a difficult conversation needs to take place.
  • Common barriers that prevent lawyers from pushing into tough conversations.
  • Ways you can avoid ethical pitfalls by becoming a more proactive, effective communicator.
  • You will leave with a 5-step process you can apply when having difficult conversations.

Your new journey is just a click away.

It’s time to let go of “business as usual” and start your journey to becoming the lawyer you want to be without sacrificing your well-being. Reach out and let’s get you started on this journey today.

    Thank You.

    I’ll be back to you shortly. In the meantime, feel free to learn more about my practice by checking out my recent blog posts.

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