Disclaimer: “Crazy with a K” is one of my favorite expressions–it’s fun and a phrase we say often in our house when something is really “off.” 

When I wake my 12-year-old up every morning, I enter his room in a karate-style yoga-warrior move, saying quietly, “I am a warrior, I am a warrior, I am a warrior.” A little backstory—we watched the movie Onward a few weeks ago. The movie starts out with the mother working out with an exercise video, saying to herself, “I am a warrior, I am a warrior.” This is funny in its own right, but by the end of the movie, she tries to beat the villain (protecting her children of course) yelling, “I am a warrior” as she makes her move. My son thought this was funny in the movie, but now it’s not so cool. He typically turns over, opens one eye slightly and then rolls both of his eyes at me. Often, he tells me to leave. But, if I keep going, I start to notice a little smile, and before you know it, he is laughing. It’s become predictable and normal in the middle of a completely uncertain world.

The “I am a warrior” theme permeates our home these days. On Mother’s Day, my daughter gifted me with a “Warrior to Mom” song she wrote. The verses, “Every time I turn around, you’re sayin I am a warrior, yeah, yeah. You’re saying, I am a warrior, yeah, yeah. All the things that warriors do–keep peace and comfort. Sayin I am a warrior, yeah, yeah.” Now, whenever one of us is having a bad day, someone belts out this tune. Singing this song forces laughter instantly.

I don’t think of myself as an overly humorous person, but this humor originates out of necessity. My son would agree. He often says I’m not humorous at all. I wouldn’t describe our house as a ball of roses or myself as a fun mom. In fact, I’ve always secretly envied those moms who just seem to always have fun. You know what I mean? The ones that come up with the amazing Easter egg hunt, who bake incredible cakes, those moms who come up with fun ideas for their families all the time. Fast forward—non-fun mom enters a quarantine period. This has pushed the need for fun into overdrive. If I’m honest, all of this has made me realize that we weren’t having enough fun and humor before this pandemic.

We were simply too busy to have fun. That’s the truth.

With all of the angst and anxiety rolling around in our house, humor has been a blessing. My husband has now been deemed The Dad by both of my children. He is not—by nature—in the “fun dad” category; though, comparatively, he is the most fun of the two of us. I’ve watched my husband evolve over this time, as we all have. While we have our bad days for sure, my husband, I think, likes this new title. Just don’t ask him about it if you see him around, because he will likely deny it! Despite the fact that his job has been at one of the most stressful points ever, I’ve seen him laugh and smile more during this period than I have in a while.

Let me say—we don’t have pandemic life figured out by any stretch, but this humor thing is fun and gives us more energy. It has connected us in a way that we weren’t before. I encourage you to try it. And, like us, strive to be more like a family that is “Crazy with K, rather than just a normal C!”

This last week highlights that we need humor now, more than ever. If you have a humorous story, cartoon or phrase to share, please do! I, along with everyone else, would love to hear from you.

Until next time…


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